Award winning residential architecture. We bring a personal and effective approach to every project.

High Quality Design


Beauty and careful functional planning are equally important. We seek opportunities in both of these areas to provide creative solutions for all of our projects. Sound building diligently synthesized with these concerns.

Client Participation

There should be as many kinds of houses as there are kinds of people. - Frank Lloyd Wright

Active client participation in the process will yield the best solution. We are committed to develop designs that evolve from our clients desires and needs rather than an overlay of stylistic fads. The diversity in our design work is clearly a reflection of this client involvement.

Residential Specialists


Berner Architects specializes in housing with our work being evenly divided between new houses and addition/remodeling projects. Advantages to this specialization include:


Professional Approach

Applying a professional process to residential architecture gives the client several significant advantages:

Range of Services

Berner Architects plays a key role from the concept to the completion of a project. A typical project breaks down into the following phases: